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Lauds school office move 112000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hooray for the Richmond County Board of Education for consolidating its central office functions in downtown Augusta. This move shows good leadership and scores a win for both the board and the city.

The hallmarks of great cities all across America are vibrant downtowns, where people of many backgrounds live, work and play.

Most of these centers have experienced declines over the past several decades. The best ones have made comebacks through special efforts of both the government and private sectors.

Typically, units of local government go first, proving to private interests that they are serious about revitalizing the central city. Private projects follow, most often with investments many times greater than the public ante. These activities beget more investment and activity, returning greater tax revenues to public coffers, to say nothing of increased civic pride.

The move downtown by the Board of Education will make their consolidated operations more efficient and will bring 225 workers to Broad Street each day. These people will require new levels of private sector services, and will increase the vitality that Broad Street is already feeling in its renewed role as an entertainment, retail and residential center.

No transformation takes place overnight, but every step along the way helps. The board sets a good example. As for the rest of us, let's get going.

Thomas H. Robertson, Augusta


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