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Founding Fathers wisely created the Electoral College 111700 - The Augusta Chronicle

Advocates who want to eliminate the Electoral College in choosing our president would be doing exactly what the Founding Fathers did not want done.

They were aware that the colonial states were under the tyrannical rule of England for almost 200 years. The framers did not want government to control the people; they wanted the people to control the government, and to give each state a voice in presidential elections.

With their wisdom they realized that the bulk of our population resided in the northeast states bordering the Atlantic Ocean, leaving the inland states high and dry with less population and no choice in selecting the president.

The United States is much the same today. The heavily populated states would control the presidential election, thus the Electoral College system is an equalizer.

Our Constitution has endured for more than 200 years and is responsible for the growth and freedom of our great country. The framers had more wisdom in their little finger than advocates and pundits have in their heads who want to change our Constitution.

So as the saying goes, "If it's not broke don't try to fix it." Leave our Constitution alone. Live by it so it can continue our freedom and growth. ...

Carl W. Rafoth, Augusta


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