Originally created 11/17/00

McKee cartoon wickedly accurate 111700 - The Augusta Chronicle

I congratulate The Chronicle's Rick McKee for his wickedly accurate cartoon of Nov. 10. I haven't seen much that sums up the Florida situation that concisely.

Unfortunately, our current election mess makes our great nation look just like one of the third-world countries. Where are Jimmy Carter and the United Nations to referee this mess?

Too bad the candidates can't act in a dignified manner. Each is too busy pointing fingers and turning lawyers loose to realize they look like second-graders arguing on a playground. On second thought, 8-year-olds have more dignity.

I proudly voted on election day, and waited in agony for the results Tuesday night. I am still without a president-elect for my country. How much longer will we have to listen to Monica wanna-bees, network guessers and presidential hopefuls argue and posture?

Will a few who can't read a ballot hold our nation up to ridicule before the world? I certainly hope not, but I am afraid it is too late.

Will Borders, Augusta


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