Originally created 11/17/00

Election's fair only if Gore wins 111700 - The Augusta Chronicle

With no due respect to Elaine van der Linden's totally biased ramblings in her Nov. 14 letter, she sounds as confused as those 19,000 voters in Palm Beach County.

All you hear from Al Gore supporters is to just follow Florida law. Well, when the elected official in charge of elections tells them the law says all votes must be in seven days after an election, they whine, "That's not fair."

Isn't it interesting that fairness to bleeding-heart liberals (like Mrs. van der Linden) is when their side wins. Well, they counted and recounted and the Gore people are still not happy. Let's hope the Florida secretary of state holds her ground and ends this nightmare so we will once again have a person in the White House we are not ashamed of. Mrs. van der Linden should go back to stirring up trouble about animal shelters.

Mitch Courson, Augusta


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