Originally created 11/17/00

Rivera did more than make mistake 111700 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regarding Valory Williams' comments in her letter Nov. 13 about Reinaldo Rivera: Mr. Rivera did not "make a mistake." According to police, he chose with great deliberation to hunt, rape and kill women. If convicted, Mr. Rivera deserves no more mercy than he showed his victims.

The cold-blooded murder of his victims may have been in part to keep him free to kill once more, but, more probably, he killed while in the act of sexual congress heightening his thrill and sense of power. I see absolutely no chance that he could be rehabilitated, nor does he deserve that chance.

Society has a choice when dealing with a convicted killer: imprison him for life or execute him. I choose execution. It is true that it will not bring back the lives of the victims, but it is justice.

It is also pragmatic. I, for one, do not want my tax dollars going to keep a guilty predator alive and well for 40 or 50 years.

Michael J. Earnest, Hephzibah


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