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Boozing on Broad St. 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Some members of Curtis Baptist Church on Broad Street revealed their true intentions when they showed up Monday at Augusta Commission's public services committee meeting to try to get liquor licenses canceled. They want all downtown liquor licenses pulled.

Last month, church members argued passionately and successfully to the commission against granting a nearby restaurant's liquor permit, citing the safety of church members.

They contended that people going to the restaurant might drink and then get behind the wheel and run over someone on the way to church. They argued that children from the church might go over to the restaurant and be exposed to unsavory persons.

That victory emboldened the good people of Curtis, who now want to revoke other licenses, even those a mile down Broad Street in the strip club businesses.

Church members say that homeless alcoholics arrive on the church's doorstep and the church has to deal with them.

"A lot of people, homeless people, quite frequently come in, and they've had too much to drink and we have to deal with that," said one parishioner.

Recently, the sign in front of Curtis Baptist Church said the church is not a museum for saints but a place for sinners. Apparently only some sinners.

A question for church members who just don't want to be bothered with the other sinners on Broad Street: What would Jesus do?


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