Originally created 11/16/00

Election is not popularity contest 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

The election of president and vice president was not meant to be a state by state popularity contest.

The U.S. Constitution Amendment X11 (1804) states how both positions are to be chosen. The Amendment shows that the present way with the primaries from each state is repugnant to the Constitution because it prohibits a person from campaigning because he doesn't have money like the rich or has to get a petition with a certain percent of the qualified voters from his state.

It is therefore null and void and the process of choosing the president and vice president should be done as spelled out in Amendment X11...

As you can see the way we choose a president and vice-president today is all wrong. Let's do it the correct way with our 13 electors in Washington.

John Elliott, Hephzibah


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