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Who's afraid of an accurate vote? 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Many people, including Robert Smock (letter, Nov. 13), claim the Democrats are somehow attempting to steal the presidential election. This is crazy. How is it that by counting votes accurately when computer tabulations were obviously flawed the Democrats would steal the election?

I don't understand why George W. Bush has a problem with recounting the votes. Doesn't he wish to know the truth, whatever it may be? Perhaps he wishes to end such "unfair practices" as counting votes because in his heart he knows that if Florida's votes had been accurately counted Tuesday night he would have lost it outright.

Since the "fuzzy math" surrounding the Florida votes benefits him, he wants the fray to stop while he is ahead. Who can blame him? It seems that the truth might hurt him this time.

As Americans, we value fairness. Thousands of Florida voters feel that their voices were not heard on Tuesday due to technicalities. In this country, every voice counts.

Mr. Smock feels that "the low intelligence level of the Democratic voter" is the reason for the confusion. First, I submit that this kind of insult merely reflects the low moral substance of Mr. Smock. Second, is it not true that every American voice, including those who have limited educations, should be heard on election day? ...

I doubt that all Florida voters who felt disenfranchised this past Tuesday are unintelligent. Surely Bush would want to know how these people feel if he means to be their president. ...

Laura R. Withers, Perkins


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