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Fearing a Bush presidency? It can't be all that bad 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Can you imagine if George W. Bush becomes the 43rd President of the United States, and Congress remains in the hands of Republicans? The two fat men, Vice President Dick Cheney and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., will applaud every mispronounced word Mr. Bush utters in his State of the Union speech.

I would dearly miss Bill Clinton, at least on that occasion. I strongly supported Al Gore, and even though it is not yet certain, he might be defeated.

I am consoling myself. How bad it could be? Mr. Bush might appoint a few conservatives to the Supreme Court. If we are lucky they might turn out to be like his dad's appointee, David Souter, and, hopefully, not another Clarence Thomas.

For at least two years, there won't be any budget gridlock. Mr. Bush will probably rubber stamp his party's congressional leadership's policies to oppose welfare, kill the capital gains tax and give rich people tax breaks. He might also ban the oral abortion pill.

None of the above is going to affect my middle class lifestyle. But luckily, if history is any indication, no one named Bush has ever been re-elected president. The bright side of it is that this Mr. Bush has no son to come back and haunt us.

With the way Florida is going, there is no chance that Mr. Bush can do any damage to the whole country. So I am going to take it all in a positive light and hope that we will have more excitement in two years when the House will be taken over by Democrats and then we will see some fireworks.

What a wonderful country. I love being an American, no sarcasm intended. Our system is still the best in the world. If everything would be perfect, it would be heaven and not Earth.

Giri Venkatraman, Evans


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