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Bush should call for new Fla. vote 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

As an American voter who respects our democratic system, I feel that George W. Bush is morally bound to call for a revote in the places in Florida where confusing ballots made voting difficult.

Any person who would lead America as president and says, "I trust the people" should be happy to allow concerned citizens to vote their minds. Someone who says he wants to "restore honor and dignity to the White House" should not allow himself to come to power in such a questionable and possibly illegitimate way.

Al Gore won the popular vote by about 200,000 votes. Mr. Bush should acknowledge that every step should be taken to ensure the American people's true will is heard.

We have to look at why we vote in the first place - to express our desire for how the country should be governed. If thousands of people say they were not able to accurately express themselves, it should be our moral obligation to make sure this is corrected.

Without Florida, Mr. Gore has more electoral votes than Mr. Bush. In fact, assuming his lead in Oregon and New Mexico, Mr. Gore would be just three votes shy of victory. Mr. Bush, on the other hand, would be 24 electoral votes shy of victory without Florida.

When it comes to Florida, the vote is simply too close to call, and the controversies too serious to make a fair judgment as to the winner. Even Pat Buchanan believes Al Gore was the choice of the people. ...

Mohammad Ansari, Evans


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