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Bush team claims crown 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Well it seems we have uncertainty as to who'll receive Florida's 25 electoral votes. The recount has taken place and George W. Bush seems to have maintained a narrow lead.

Even though this recount doesn't include all overseas absentee ballots, the Bush campaign has arrogantly crowned their man the U.S. president-elect.

The fact remains that the ballot in West Palm Beach County was irregular, non-traditional, ambiguous and illegal. Florida statute describes how a ballot should appear and even includes a picture.

Voters were confused. Some mistakenly punched twice and their ballots were discarded. Pat Buchanan received a disproportionate amount of votes in a heavily Democratic county. There should be a revote in West Palm Beach County for voters who voted on Nov. 7.

How many recounts or revotes should take place? As many as it takes to get an accurate representation of the people's volition.

Al Gore has won the national popular vote. The American people have chosen Mr. Gore. I am convinced that if the people of West Palm Beach County are allowed to revote with a legal ballot, the voters of Florida will do the same.

The George W. Bush campaign must not be allowed to thwart the people's will.

Herbert A. Edney IV, Augusta


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