Originally created 11/16/00

Witness to theft of election 111600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Democrats in Palm Beach County, Fla., challenge Pat Buchanan's vote in excess of registered Reform Party members, but a splinter candidate always picks up votes from dissatisfied members of both major parties.

Also, the Buchanan punch hole was exactly half-way between those for George Bush and Al Gore; if it were punched in error, it was just as likely to have come from someone wanting to vote for Bush as for Gore.

Democrats also charge that the "excess" vote for Mr. Buchanan came only from confused Gore followers - yet the Socialist candidate, David McReynolds, was just as close as Mr. Buchanan to the Al Gore punch spot. Why didn't Mr. McReynolds also then get an excess of votes from the alleged confusion?

Apparently, if you can't win it then you must try to steal it with a tempest of smoke and mirrors.

Everett Schultz Jr., Augusta


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