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Political childhood 111500 - The Augusta Chronicle

With the election in doubt, I wonder if the next occupant of the White House will possess the character traits to put this election behind him and look to the welfare of the nation. I wonder if he will be capable of taking into consideration the views of those who may be more liberal or conservative than he is and blending them into his decision-making process.

I wonder if he will have the intestinal fortitude to realistically face the issues, realizing he does not have a mandate from the people. I wonder if he will realize he and his party are not the sole possessors of the knowledge of what is good for this country and that workable solutions can come from the other side of the political aisle.

And finally, I wonder if the little boys in Congress will be able to leave their political childhood behind and start acting like reasonable, caring political adults.

Dick Donnelly, Martinez

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