Originally created 11/15/00

Ballot was clear, voters misled 111500 - The Augusta Chronicle

Much has been said about the difficulties in the election in Palm Beach County, Fla. Democrats claimed that 19,000 voters were disenfranchised due to the ballot design. The truth is that overzealous Democratic Party workers caused the errors. The minority races have been integrated in this country for more than 40 years, but the Democratic Party still campaigns among minorities as if they were illiterate. They didn't just ask them for their vote, but told them to punch "hole No. 2" on the ballot for Gore and Lieberman. The irony is that Palm Beach County voters followed those instructions to the letter, even thought "hole No. 2" was for Buchanan on their ballot.

There is no other plausible answer since second-grade students were tested in the use of the ballot and had no difficulty with it. It's about time for the Democratic Party to stop blaming them on someone else.

T. Lamb, Augusta


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