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Drinking establishment an in-his-face insult to God 111500 - The Augusta Chronicle

Once again the Chicken Littles are coming out of the woodwork. Somebody gets denied a liquor license and the "upscale development" sky is falling.

It's time to set the record straight on the "inconsistency" cited by The Chronicle. The Rev. Mark Harris does not have the time or resources to keep up with every business license application.

As a matter of fact I was at Curtis Baptist Church the night a lady stood up and made Rev. Harris aware of the proposed Off Broadway application to serve liquor not just on weekdays, but on Sunday also. Rev. Harris took action consistent with his commitment to God. Curtis had more than 100 members present at the City Commission meeting.

Where were Ms. Judy Tyler's supporters? So much for a "vocal minority."

Here's a little reality check for Julian Osbon and Coco Rubio, as well as certain anonymous tabloid whiners: When one becomes a church member one does not forfeit citizenship, the right to vote or the right to petition elected officials.

Curtis members pay the same taxes non-members pay and have just as much right to influence community decisions.

Rev. Harris saw this drinking establishment in the shadow of the church for what it is: an in-God's-face insult. Rev. Harris has an obligation to God as well as to church and school members. ...

Businessmen like Mr. Osbon can't see past a dollar sign no matter how much they deny it. To developers, there is no such thing as too many bars, strip malls, etc.

Sometimes someone has to yank their chain to slow them down or they'd run roughshod over other citizens right to the kind of community they wish to live in.

For some, the bottom line is more than financial profit. I feel compelled to not defend Rev. Harris (God is adequate for that), but to stand beside him. Frankly I'm a little mystified and disappointed at the lack of support I have seen in this paper from his brothers and sisters in God.

Daniel Piper, North Augusta


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