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Supermarkets, cafeterias offering turkey dinners

Grocery stores and cafeterias will take some of the stress out of Thanksgiving by cooking the traditional turkey dinner for you. The deadline for placing orders varies, and some stores are even preparing extra meals for last-minute pickups. But deli managers say don't wait - order early.

Here's a comparison of prices for meals designed to feed five to eight people. Other dinner packages are available, including some with meats other than turkey. Additional side dishes are sold separately.

S&S CAFETERIA: 10-pound turkey, 1 quart dressing, 1 quart gravy: $26.95. Order by Wednesday, Nov. 22.

FOOD LION: 8- to 10-pound turkey, 2 pounds cornbread stuffing, 1 pound gravy, 12 ounces cranberry relish: $27.99. Order by Wednesday, Nov. 22.

PICADILLY CAFETERIA: 10- to 12-pound turkey, 2 quarts cornbread dressing, 1 quart gravy, 1 pint cranberry sauce: $29.95. Order by Sunday.

BI-LO: 8- to 10-pound turkey, 2´ pounds cornbread dressing, 1 pound gravy, 1 pound cranberry sauce: $29.99. Order by Tuesday.

WINN-DIXIE: 10- to 12-pound Butterball turkey, 2 pounds dressing, 2 pounds broccoli cheese casserole, 1 pound gravy: $29.99. Order by Tuesday.

PUBLIX: 10- to 12-pound turkey, 3¨ pounds dressing, 3¨ pounds mashed potatoes, 1 quart gravy, 1 pound orange-cranberry relish: $35.99. Order by Tuesday.

KROGER: 8- to 10-pound turkey, 2´ pounds dressing, 1 pound cranberry relish, 30 ounces gravy, 12 dinner rolls: $39.99. Advance orders are recommended but not required. At some stores, customers who place orders ahead of time get $2 off a holiday pie.

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