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A sandwich isn't just a sandwich for dieter

Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds and gained national celebrity by eating the same two submarine sandwiches, every day for a year.

Mr. Fogle had a six-inch Subway turkey sandwich for lunch and a foot-long veggie sub for dinner each day. He allowed himself a bag of potato chips with lunch and drank diet sodas. To keep his calories at about 1,000 per day and fat under 10 grams, he skipped breakfast as well as the oil, cheese and mayonnaise on his subs.

"I really never did get sick of it," he said. Even after eating 600 sandwiches in a row, "It felt like feasting rather than totally depriving myself. I really never got tired of them."

Mr. Fogle, 23, weighed 425 pounds when he began the unusual diet. Once he began to see results, he said he was excited to eat the same two sandwiches day in and day out.

"I really, really wanted to lose weight at that point," he said.

After appearing in two national commercials for Subway restaurants that began airing early this year, Mr. Fogle is taking time off from his job as a pricing analyst for American TransAir, to tour Subway restaurants across the country. He'll visit locations in the Augusta area today.

He'll be at the restaurant at 3233 Wrightsboro Road around 10:30 a.m. and the Subway at 1819 Walton Way between 1:45 and 3 p.m.

In addition to meeting Subway customers, Mr. Fogle is doing television and radio interviews.

He said he's enjoying the fame that has come with his personal success.

"Oh man, it's been great," Mr. Fogle said. "Better than I could ever imagine."

But he didn't intend to put himself in the spotlight. He just wanted to lose weight.

"When I started this, it was just to get something going with myself," Mr. Fogle said. "Nothing else had worked."

While attending school at Indiana University, the campus newspaper did a story about his weight-loss strategy. From there Men's Health magazine found the story and published one of their own. It wasn't long before Subway was knocking on his door, too.

"We're proud of Jared's accomplishment," said Subway Marketing Director Chris Carroll. "And we're proud to have had a part to play in it."

Mr. Fogle admits his approach to dieting was extreme and not appropriate for everyone. In addition to his "Subway diet," Mr. Fogle walked a mile and a half four to five times a week.

To maintain his weight, he still eats Subway's six-inch turkey sandwich three or four times a week, drinks diet sodas, and watches what he eats.

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