Originally created 10/31/00

Presidential politics affect your future

A recent poll conducted by MTV found that many teens are apathetic, maybe even the most apathetic generation ever, when it comes to politics.

This doesn't surprise me. Not many of my friends seem to care one way or another. Those who do take an interest have little knowledge of the issues.

This bothers me.

The next four years of our lives, whether we realize it or not, will be affected by the Nov. 7 election. For example, our main needs are met by our parents. The candidates' tax proposals will determine the amount of money our parents pay to the federal government. To put it simply, what affects your parents also affects you.

The debate on Social Security directly affects your future. As soon as you're out on your own and making money, you're paying into the Social Security system. Hopefully, in your old age you can get some of that money back. How old you will have to be to begin collecting benefits (the current age is 62) could be determined by the administration that takes office next year.

For those of you who drive, gasoline prices will most likely be affected by oil production and consumption, which George Bush and Al Gore have debated. In addition, school funding and student testing - not to mention the debate over teacher credentials - will be affected by who wins the presidency.

If you're old enough to vote, I strongly urge you to do so. If you're not, by all means, take interest! The outcome of this election will have a strong influence on your life.

Teen Board member Jerod Gay is a freshman at Evans High School.


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