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How penny tax will help Aiken Co. 103100 - The Augusta Chronicle

Aiken County's vote on the local option one-cent sales tax referendum is fast approaching. This is a wonderful opportunity for Aiken County residents to approve economic growth and community development for years to come.

This tax, which is applied to all retail sales except food preparation, will generate $54 million over the next seven years for use within the county.

The referendum affords Aiken countians the chance to invest in parks, community centers, sidewalks, Bobby Jones extension, road construction, road resurfacing, recycling improvements, drainage improvements, and redevelopment projects.

This tax is also fair - affecting only what you buy, not what you already own (like property taxes). The tax is also levied on visitors and travelers who buy Aiken County goods.

The cities of Aiken and North Augusta will also be lowering or eliminating their accommodations tax on restaurants...

It is past time for Aiken County to move forward with the penny tax like Richmond and Columbia counties have done. We Aiken County consumers pay their 1-cent tax when we buy there.

When you go to the polls Nov. 7, think not of yourself, but of your children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends.

Johnny M. Beam, North Augusta


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