Originally created 10/31/00

Strength best man to be sheriff 103100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I think that both Ronnie Strength and Leon Garvin would make a good Richmond County sheriff, but my vote will go to Mr. Strength. He is an understanding person and very dedicated to his job and the community.

He is honest and straightforward. He will sit down and talk with anyone and help you if he can. He is a fair, tough man - a good leader. He wants to make our neighborhoods safe and prevent street crime. He wants to stop child and drug abuse. He wants a better sheriff's department and to improve employee relations. I think the entire department is doing a good job now, but Mr. Strength will make it better.

He also supports programs to improve children's the quality of life. He has spent countless hours of his own time speaking to our community and church groups, as well as to our schools and senior citizens to gain support for his ideas. I believe Mr. Strength has proven he's the man for the job.

Ray Inglett, Blythe


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