Originally created 10/31/00

Christian 'bullies' are a turnoff 103100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I'm not much of a drinker, and I don't often patronize upscale restaurants. However, I'm upset at the denial of a liquor license for the new establishment in downtown Augusta.

I see this as yet another personal freedom being chipped away by the ever-so-common Christian bully tactics (Lucy's Love Shack being another). I am ashamed Augusta commissioners caved in so easily, without any legal basis.

Don't Christians realize that people are leaving churches in droves because of the church's displays of intolerance? The more churchgoers try to push their values on us, the more we withdraw from them.

Why can't they teach by example, live and let live... The planned restaurant would not affect the church anymore than a restaurant three blocks up Broad Street does, and everyone knows that.

Augusta would be a kinder community if Christians would stop trying to bully their way into other people's lives. If they would emit compassion, peace and tolerance, the masses would happily run to them. Christian "tough love" does not work in today's society.

Carol Boles, Augusta


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