Originally created 10/31/00

Penny tax will have positive impact 103100 - The Augusta Chronicle

Aiken County's special purpose local option one cent sales tax represents a unique window of opportunity that will have a positive impact on Aiken County for years to come. It has the potential to position us as a strong economic force equivalent to our neighbors to the west, and complement the Central Savannah River Area as a regional entity capable of competing on a national level for business opportunities.

Imagine, if you will, what Aiken County will look like in 15 years. We have 900 miles of unpaved roads, which will take decades to pave at current spending levels. Why would you build a home and invest your capital in an area that very likely cannot compete because of an inadequate transportation infrastructure?

As a retiree anticipating relocating to a dream home, would you choose to move to a community with no growth opportunities or vision for improvements? Think about companies trying to establish a presence in the Southeast?

The business community is well aware of the shifting demographics to the Southeast region and are moving to accommodate the migration. However, they will only invest dollars where they find a supportive and attractive infrastructure...

Chuck Smith, North Augusta


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