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Strength would be same old thing 103100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I couldn't help but notice the Oct. 23 letter regarding Leon Garvin being qualified for sheriff.

I noticed two things. First, the author is not from Richmond County. Second, he mentioned that Mr. Garvin has never gotten beyond the rank of lieutenant.

I will not comment on the first, because everyone is entitled to an opinion. But the second I feel needs to be addressed. In all fairness to both candidates, I feel that either would do a good job. You ask why is it that Mr. Garvin is only a lieutenant. I would ask why, or how, Ronnie Strength got to his rank so quickly.

Don't say he worked his way through the ranks because I know better. I know people on the department who have been there for years and are still deputies, people who have been there for years and are sergeants or lieutenants. I am saying the "good ol' boy" system is still alive and well at the Sheriff's Department.

Mr. Strength was in the department for two years, then was an investigator two more years, and then a sergeant. He has administrative experience, but not road experience.

I think either would be a good sheriff, but the sheriff's department is in need of a change, and if Mr. Strength is elected, there will be no change.

Chris Dixon, Hephzibah


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