Originally created 10/30/00

No sign sympathy 103000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Mayor Bob Young has gotten into the political thicket by ordering the removal of all the handbills and signs cluttering up our fair city's rights of way. And, sure as leaves fall in October, some politicians and political operators are whining that they are being unfairly targeted, that only their signs are being taken down.

That's just not so, says the mayor. Any political sign in a right of way should be removed by the candidate, but if that doesn't happen, the city is right to enforce the rules. In fact, all those political signs that have been taken down by the city are sitting in a public works building on Marvin Griffin Road and campaigners can go out there and pick them up - and place them in legal spots.

Especially irking are those illegally placed political signs for the judge's and sheriff's - at least the law enforcement candidates ought to know better.


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