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Pastor says Moore is anti-abortion 103000 - The Augusta Chronicle

As state Sen. Tommy Moore's pastor, I feel compelled to support his re-election campaign. He, Dale and their sons joined our church about 12 years ago.

I have read letters written to the editor in recent weeks by people who either don't know Sen. Moore, D-Clearwater, or don't care what he is really like. I've read the articles and thought that is not the Mr. Moore we know.

The senator I know has for years led the fight for better schools, to get food taxes phased out, to help our seniors, and so many other things that there's not enough space to mention them all.

I keep hearing statements about his belief on abortions that are so different than what he really believes. This is a subject that we have discussed many times.

He has always been against abortions. In fact, Sen. Moore's wife, Dale, has carried the youth of our church to Columbia to participate in pro-life marches.

I ask you to support a proven leader who has taken the high ground and hasn't spent his time putting his opponent down.

Dennis Phillips, Graniteville


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