Originally created 10/30/00

Reasons exist to vote third party 103000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Each national election cycle finds me trying to discern which Democrat or Republican candidate displeases me the least.

This year, exhausted by incumbents' evasions, and repulsed by the mock compassion of the loyal opposition, I choose to vote for another candidate.

Watching Democrats and Republicans jockey for position, one is free to weigh the vision of a Ralph Nader, a Pat Buchanan or a Harry Browne.

The "wasted vote" argument is no more viable in the case of any of the above three than in the case of Al Gore or George W. Bush. The only question becomes, "Which candidate best represents a vision of how I believe the United States should be run?"

As more citizens express their willingness to view the electoral process in this light, the teetering monolith the Big Two comprise will be forced to adapt or perish. Power and control are the issues, not policy: As a voter, any act that energizes the electorate is preferred.

Neither will my vote be a "protest vote." I might wish to protest the entire structure which trots out two talking heads for our review and selective approval, but I shan't.

My contribution to government will be expressed in the growth of my awareness of the American political process. This growth has been greatly enhanced by the freedom that comes with looking at election 2000 proceedings with a sense of remove that support for Mr. Bush or Mr. Gore would not allow.

R. Brown, Augusta


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