Originally created 10/30/00

Teaching standards to improve 103000 - The Augusta Chronicle

While many of my fellow teachers bemoan the low prestige accorded our profession, more than a score in Columbia County are doing something big about our professional expertise and teachers' reputation among the public whose taxes pay our salaries.

We are embarking on the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards teacher certification process, an intensive, classroom-based effort to empower teachers to improve their effectiveness with their own public school students.

Because of the commitment of Connie Davis, our personnel director, and Tommy Price, our superintendent, over half of the $2,300 cost of the national certification process is being underwritten by the school system.

Linda Schrenko, our state superintendent, and Barbara Christmas, the leader of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, have also committed funds to pay fees for Georgia teachers who want a rigorous, classroom-based approach to professional skills improvement.

Gov. Roy Barnes is also on the NBPTS Teacher Certification bandwagon as he has pledged state funding for NBPTS scholars because he, too, appreciates the criticality of the work of professional instructors in promoting learning in our state's classrooms.

Maybe their commitment to this teacher certification process will serve as a foundation upon which Mrs. Schrenko and Gov. Barnes can base future cooperation.

Dr. Craig Spinks, Augusta


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