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Creationism critic says untruths to prove evolution theory 103000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regarding Richard Baxter's Oct. 15 letter saying creationism is a religious myth: His comment was prompted by Glenn Wilson's efforts to persuade the Aiken County School Board to allow creationism to be taught. In an effort to show creationism is a religious fantasy, Mr. Baxter says things that aren't true.

He would have us believe that evolution vs. creation is basically a science vs. religion matter. The truth is, evolution is a religion of its own. According to Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, evolution is a belief system based on the words of men who were not present billions of years ago...

Obviously, we know that there is no way to prove events that supposedly occurred billions of years ago... How can evolution be described as science, when observation of events is impossible?

If evolution is so scientific, why isn't there any evidence of a transitional fossil - some form of fossil that shows the evolution of the human species from ape to the form we see today? Surely, among all the discoveries that have been made even since Darwin's time, such a fossil would have turned up. The answer is simple - such a fossil has never been found because it doesn't exist.

The methods of dating artifacts that are supposedly billions of years old are questionable as well. There are hundreds of documented cases of organisms that are several hours old being dated as thousands of years old. ...

Diane Chiera, Augusta


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