Originally created 10/17/00

Fox scores a hit with 'Dark Angel'

Writer/director James Cameron (Titanic) has made the transition from the silver screen to the small screen.

He has dropped his sci-fi mystery Dark Angel (9 p.m. Tuesdays on WFXG-TV Channel 54) on Fox, and it hit with enough force to put a crater in the ground.

Dark Angel blends sci-fi with mind-boggling martial arts and stunts. Add a beautiful brown-haired babe (Jessica Alba), and you have everyone's latest prime-time obsession.

She is not just some brainless bimbo bashing bad-guys. The characters are complex, and everyone has more than one issue. Max (Ms. Alba) is supposed to be the "tough girl," but she hides a tender side.

Her mentor, Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), who assists her in finding clues about her past, also wants to rid the world of oppressive governments and crooks.

The sci-fi elements of Dark Angel are subtle and believable. There are no aliens as in Star Trek or Andromeda. The setting is not aboard a spaceship or in another galaxy, but rather our own back yard.

Dark Angel is the savior of prime time. Millionaire is old; Survivor is dead; and most of the sitcoms are dumb. Dark Angel is a refreshing show like no other.

Teen Board member Michael Hammond is a senior at Strom Thurmond High School in Aiken.


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