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Xtreme advice: Friend should ignore others' hurtful words

I really am having a problem with my friend. He's gay. I'm not gay, but I like hanging around him. People laugh at him. Some people say that if I keep hanging around him people will think I'm gay. What should I do? - 17-year-old Augusta boy?

Here's what you had to say:

- You don't need to be worrying about anything them people say. You do what you got to do.

- I think you should make it known that you are not gay. People should accept you for who you are. So, if they think you're gay, let them think that. Get a girlfriend. I mean that doesn't mean you're not gay, but get a girlfriend and make it be known that you're not gay.

- I think you should stay his friend because no matter what people say you can always be his friend. And if you're not his friend and you turn on him, he would be really sad. You're his good friend.

- I think you should stay his friend. I mean, what's the difference really? If they think you're gay, just let them think it. Just stay his friend. Don't really hurt him just because of what your friends say.

- If you are really his friend, then you shouldn't really care what other people think about you and just be his friend.

- I think you should stop hanging around him because they'll think you're gay. Write him a nice little letter and tell him that you can't be his friend anymore because he's gay.

Next week's problem:
Last year the girls I hung around with treated me really bad. So I decided that this year when I went to high school I was going to hang out with different people and still talk to them sometimes. Well, they have a problem with me hanging out with the other girls because they're white. They tell me that I need to hang around with my color and they're my friends and they're my family. They have comments like that. What should I do? - Do you have any advice for this 14-year-old Augusta girl?

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