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TV commercials containing violence have become a staple of the annual baseball championship season, says a study by a family doctor. Charles Anderson, a doctor at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, says most of the violent ads promote TV programs and big-screen movies. "It ... makes it difficult for parents to avoid exposing their children to this form of violence."


A Swedish newspaper is offering Internet-crazy Swedes the chance to go elk hunting via their computer screens. Svenska Dagbladet has set up in the depths of the Swedish forest a digital camera that delivers a snapshot to its Web site roughly every minute. If you spot an elk in the photo, you fill in a form attached to the site, giving the date and time. The first 10 viewers to spot an elk will win a fresh elk steak or other game delicacies.


Our future promises dental fillings that will release chemicals to prevent further tooth decay and stimulate tooth pulp to repair itself and eliminate the need for root canals, as well as "tooth farms" that grow replacement teeth in the lab, Readers Digest's New Choices magazine reports.


Let's hear it for Denver Broncos fans. They roar louder than anyone else, according to the Guinness Book of Records. During halftime at a recent game, Mile High Stadium earned the Guinness title for loudest roar in a stadium. It was measured at 128.7 decibels, more than three points higher than the old record set by fans at a rugby match in Ireland on Feb. 7, 1998. "Americans are the loudest," Guinness official adjudicator Della Howes said. "But everyone in the world knew that anyway."


Talk about being carted away! Retail industry officials say a shopping cart is taken from a U.S. store every 90 seconds. That adds up to 1.8 million carts worth $175 million yearly. And who do you think pays for it through higher prices?


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