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Perks make weight loss worth it

Being mistaken for her 25-year-old daughter's sister rather than her mother has been one of the more enjoyable perks of losing weight for Cathe Beebe.

But that's not why she wanted to lose the weight. The weight loss participant did it for her family and her health. Before joining Weight Loss 2000, Mrs. Beebe lost 41 pounds on her own. Then after about six to eight weeks of not losing, she began to get discouraged. She needed some help to get past the plateau.

That's when she began to see Brooks Green, the doctor at Medical Weight Loss Center of Augusta. Since February, Mrs. Beebe has lost 12 pounds and more than nine inches from her waist.

Also in the past seven months, her health has improved, her mobility has increased and her enthusiasm for life has ballooned.

"I am immensely happy with the support that Dr. Green has given me," she said. "And now I am just taking it one day at a time."

Mrs. Beebe is ending her weight-loss efforts so she can focus on treatment of a heart condition. She will continue making the healthful diet and exercise choices that helped her come within 2 pounds of her goal weight of 155 pounds, but she will not take the fat-blocking prescription Xenical any longer or be under the care of Dr. Green.

"Overall, she has done really well," Dr. Green said. "She's lost a lot of inches and with all her stress, she really managed well."

Since our last follow up with Mrs. Beebe, she has maintained her weight at 157. At the start of the program she weighed in at just over 169.

"I ran into a friend that had moved out of the area and she said it looks like I've lost half a person," Mrs. Beebe said. "Everybody gets so wrapped up in the pounds, but the muscle I've gained to lose all these inches is amazing."

One problem that Dr. Green helped Mrs. Beebe with was her diet.

"It's been about four months since I've had a pineapple milkshake from Sonic," she said. "And I've turned my Hershey bars in for my Nutri-Grain Bars."

But Mrs. Beebe hasn't forgotten that even the healthiest person has to allow herself an occasional treat. For her the treat is cheesecake.

"I have been allowing myself one piece of cheesecake a month. I even mark it on the calendar," she said. "It's my scheduled sin, so to speak."

But other than that, she sticks to her healthier habits. She kept her caloric intake at about 1,600 per day, changed the way she made family meals and committed herself to daily exercise.

For a recent dinner out with her husband, Mrs. Beebe was sporting a size 9 dress she found shopping with her daughter.

"I tried it on just to see how far off I was," she said. "Not too bad for a grandma."

Another trick that she has found helpful is sitting down to eat. Mrs. Beebe found that when eating on the run, she wasn't aware of how much she was eating.

When she recently went back to work as a registered nurse at Augusta State Medical Prison, she said some former co-workers didn't recognize her.

"It's really cool," Mrs. Beebe said. "I was wearing size 2X scrubs, and now I'm wearing a medium. I had to go out and buy all new scrubs."

About the series

The Augusta Chronicle is following four people who volunteered to go public with their battle of the bulge by participating in a weight-loss program. We offer an update on one participant's progress each Tuesday.

Today is our last weekly follow up with Cathe Beebe. She has lost 12 pounds in seven months working with Medical Weight Loss Center of Augusta.

As we follow our other participants' progress each week, we'll provide information that you can use in your own battle to lose weight.

Health tip

Today's health tip comes from Shape magazine's November issue. To get the correct mix of nutrients, control portion sizes and cut fat and calories in meals, pretend your plate is divided into four quarters. Fill three of them with grains, vegetables, legumes (peas or beans) or fruits. Fill only one quarter with meat.

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