Originally created 10/17/00

Perceives Al Gore as opening door to the anti-Christ

Presidential candidate Al Gore and his new Democrats call themselves "the family values" party. Congressional voting records confirm that this party is comprised of leftist and nihilist liberals who are destroying America's culture.

The abolition of America's families is almost complete. We have seen decades of rewarding out-of-wedlock mothers through welfare ... while slaughtering millions by glamorizing abortion rights.

More than 75 percent of America's black families and 65 percent of the white families are broken and dysfunctional. This has created a massive dependency on Washington among women, and a macho "another notch on my belt" irresponsibility among men.

The National Education Association and affiliated labor unions have made our schools a shell of what they once were. They do not want school vouchers where the children could be taught self-reliance and independence. Mr. Gore will pack the Supreme Court with liberal intellectuals who are steeped in nihilism and full of politically correct nonsense.

The assault on marriage, family, property, morality and Bible-believing institutions (i.e., Boy Scouts and fundamental churches) will escalate. "Project Megiddo" conducted against "radical" Christian organizations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to the conclusion that anyone who believes in the Rapture and second coming of Christ should be considered terrorists. Janet Reno agreed.

We live in a world full of nuclear bombs 50 to 100 times more powerful than Nagasaki. We have improved our neutron weapons. With no God, will we put our faith in the multiple personalities of Mr. Gore? ... We already worship the "beautiful people" of Hollywood and liberal, upscale Washington. Marx and Lenin must be ecstatic. The anti-Christ is standing at a wide open door.

Gene Boles, Augusta


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