Originally created 10/16/00

Jews own Palestine, Bible says

There they go again. The news on Oct.10 said that Israel has extended the deadline for the Palestinians to stop their violence. It's about time that Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his cohorts read their Bibles.

God gave the land of Israel to the Jews and their descendants forever (Genesis 12:7). There wasn't any mention of Palestine.

The only reason that Palestine is an issue is because some wicked ruler renamed Israel just to anger the Jews and discount their God-given right to the land.

Mr. Barak has no authority to give any part of the land to the Palestinians or anyone else. Only God can do that.

The Bible says in Zechariah 12:2-5 that anyone who tries to move Israel will be cut to pieces. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin learned that the hard way. Mr. Barak had best learn from that lesson and put an end to this Palestinian appeasement once and for all.

Art Cabot, North Augusta


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