Originally created 10/16/00

Fortier backed for commissioner

I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran who for the last 16 years has voted almost exclusively Republican. While I like to think of myself as an independent and educated voter, I found myself more aligned to the policies of the Republicans than the Democrats.

I am also a resident of Columbia County District 4, and as such I have a great interest in the election for a replacement for our present commissioner. As I advise my friends, I have done the research. I have spoken with Roger Fortier and his Republican opponent. And I will make one of the toughest votes this fall I have ever made. I will vote for the Democrat, Mr. Fortier.

Many of my friends are astounded at this change, but the reasons are simple. Mr. Fortier is better educated on the challenges facing this district and the county. He is acutely aware of the need for a government that serves the people. In addition, I found his viewpoints on most major issues to be refreshingly Conservative.

I am aware his opponent has been lauded as a nice guy in various letters. For too long we have had a nice guy representing us on the county commission. What we need is a commissioner who will stand against the status quo on the board and, if necessary, fight for his district's rights.

I believe we will find that man in Mr. Fortier.

Mike Deal, Martinez


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