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Sound off letters

On Aug. 24-27, Augusta was fortunate enough to play host to the U.S. Tennis Association's Georgia State Mixed Doubles Championships at three area tennis facilities. It was a wonderfully orchestrated, well-executed event that not only brought revenue to our area but also showcased the city of Augusta.

This event brought 800 tennis players from around the state to our city and was a tremendous success for both organizers and guests, thanks to the combined efforts of our local tennis players' organization, its many dedicated volunteers, community sponsors and the city of Augusta.

In particular, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of John Longo, Dorrie Green and more than 200 volunteers representing the Central Savannah River Area Tennis Association for running the tournament and playing host to the event; Tom Beck and our city employees for sprucing up and maintaining the city tennis facilities for the event; fellow tennis pros Dick Hatfield of Newman Tennis Center, Craig Jones of Petersburg Racquet Club and John Browning of Fleming Tennis Center for the use and excellent condition of their facilities; and Tammy Stout of the Greater Augusta Sports Council for promoting the event.

Throughout the tournament, I heard numerous comments on the beautiful appearance of every venue, how welcomed the players felt in our city, and how well the tournament was run. As the participants of this championship tournament returned to their homes around the state, they became the newest ambassadors for the city of Augusta. Well done!

Pete Collins, Augusta

On behalf of the Macon Whoopee Booster Club I would like to express our appreciation to the fans and booster club of the Augusta Lynx.

A large group of Macon Whoopee fans came to Augusta on Oct. 8 for the game between the Whoopee and the Lynx. We were shown the utmost courtesy by your fans and staff. It was a truly enjoyable experience, and we appreciated the banner that was hung to welcome us. Lynx fans came up and thanked us for coming when we went out to dinner that night.

You have a first-class organization, and we just wanted to give the citizens of Augusta a big thank-you for welcoming us and wish the Augusta Lynx and their fans a successful season.

Dorothy Wilson, Macon

Editor's Note: The author is secretary of the Macon Whoopee Booster Club.


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