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Today is the final day of the Violent Toy Turn-In at Zany Brainy stores. Children ages 4 to 13 who turn in a sword, gun or other violent toy or write on an entry form how they resolve conflicts nonviolently have a chance to win a 90-second shopping spree or a free concert at their school by a nationally known family entertainer. Parents also may fill out an online entry form for their child to win a $500 Web shopping spree. The Zany Brainy store in Augusta is at 267 Robert C. Daniel Parkway in Augusta Exchange Shopping Center. The store is open today from noon to 6.


This season, leather leads the line of hot trends on the runways, but no designer is offering what we really need: a manual on how to care for and protect the stuff. For that, you can turn to Wilson's Leather, which offers tips on handling hide on its Web site (www.wilsonsleather.com). Here are a few:

Immediately after buying a leather item, treat it with a water-and-stain repellent to prevent damage.

Don't keep heavy or bulky objects like loaded key chains in your leather pockets - they'll stretch them out of shape.

Put hair spray and perfume on before you don leather - they stain the material.

Repair hems with a small amount of rubber cement.


Guess which of these combos was just introduced:

1. Gloves with built-in nail polish remover.

2. Hats saturated with conditioner.

3. Tights coated in moisturizer.

If you chose No. 3, you're a winner, because Hanes has introduced Silk Reflections Opaque Tights with Moisturizer.

The company says that microbeads embedded in the fabric release hypoallergenic emollients - including rosemary extract and apricot kernel oil - onto your skin while you're wearing them. The idea is to keep your legs supple through winter's cold, dry weather, and presumably save the three minutes a day it takes to put on lotion.

The tights come in four colors (ebony, navy, mink and charcoal), and Hanes claims they'll keep on moisturizing through as many as five washings without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Major department stores carry them for about $11.50 a pair. Check out www.haneshosiery.com to find a store near you or to order Hanes products on-line.


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