Originally created 10/15/00

Utilities department unresponsive

The Augusta-Richmond County water shortage is over. It must be over. If it is not over I would be extremely surprised.

I am now wondering if there ever was a water shortage. It might be that the Augusta Utilities Department is aware Richmond County is on the fringe of alligator habitat.

It might be that the utilities department is assisting the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, ensuring a wetlands environment for the future growth of alligators and other animals of wetland inhabitants.

On Oct. 1 I called the utilities department and informed them that there was a hydrant running water. The cap had been missing for some time. I even told the utilities department man the facts and gave him directions on how to get to the hydrant. I told him that if he could not find it, come to our house and I would show him. His curt response was he would send someone out. Well, as of Oct. 10, they still have not arrived.

Teresa McCafferty, Augusta


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