Originally created 10/14/00

Candidate right for school board

I have known Mildred McDaniel as a teacher of my son and as a parent to her own children. She is a devoted parent and teacher, as well as a dedicated church member.

She is also a lady of integrity and honor who will speak up in support of our children's education. Her experience in the classroom will make her sensitive to the educational needs of our children. She will also lend support to good teachers still in the classroom.

Ms. McDaniel will continue Kingsley Riley's legacy of putting children first. I know of no other candidate for this election who equals her educational background, her 30 years of classroom experience or her energetic and personable manner in getting things done.

I urge all the voters in Augusta's at-large super District 9 to vote for Ms. McDaniel Nov. 7.

Q.E. Smith, Augusta

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