Originally created 10/14/00

Fading Pokemon fad is dangerous

Fortunately, the Pokemon fad is beginning to fade. I know most of you think that it is a cute fad, but it isn't.

One day my nephew convinced me to watch a Pokemon cartoon. At first, I also thought that it was just a cute cartoon with bad art, but then I saw a horrible thing. When the girl met up with a bad Pokemon, she pulled out a cross. She looked at it quickly and then threw it behind her in disgust while saying lightheartedly, "Oops."

If you look at the format of the Pokemon cards, you will realize that it is similar to that of a tarot card. These evils are present in other "cute" fads such as the Harry Potter books. I challenge every parent to investigate these fads before you let your children get interested in them. Remember that wolves will come in sheep's clothing.

Jacob Pride, Augusta


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