Originally created 10/14/00

Disapproves of state senator's failure

Regarding several issues brought up by state Sen. Tommy Moore, D-Clearwater, in his response to my earlier letter concerning the dysfunctional behavior of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in the treatment of the Boy Scouts...

Both Sen. Moore and Councilwoman Lessie Price made a huge mistake by not making a statement concerning their disgust at the behavior directed toward the Boy Scouts on the convention floor. It would have been a simple matter to fax a handwritten press release to both the local newspapers. But did they? No.

Sen. Moore speaks of numbers. Yes, I pointed out that 119 delegates were homosexual - but I did not say that they were the only ones. Are we to believe that a mere couple of hundred delegates could overcome 5,800 cheering and respectful patriots?

I challenge Sen. Moore's assumption that the overwhelming majority were disgusted by the abhorrent behavior of those delegates. Look at what has happened since. Proctor & Gamble has pulled its support, several localized chapters of the United Way have also pulled theirs and many Democrats seek to remove the Boy Scouts charter.

Will the political forces that are behind the Democratic Party be able to get a president to remove himself as the honorary leader (that one I am not altogether against except for the symbolic representation of the move)?

The last issue is that it is not political shallowness to recognize and display a disgust with the actions of the delegates that day. Representatives who stayed silent after the ugly incident, in affect, supported the disgusting actions of what Sen. Moore describes as a small contingent.

This is how the absurd happens ... The disgusting political action of those delegates is not rebuffed, then suddenly major corporations remove support from the BSA for a political correctness that Sen. Moore and Ms. Price's silence helped legitimize.

I expect more foresight and less slimeball comments from a long-standing representative of our community. ...

Will Tinney, Aiken


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