Originally created 10/14/00

Clinton-Gore promotes fear, envy

After watching the presidential debates it is clear how little the Clinton-Gore political machine thinks of the American citizen.

The Clinton-Gore machine campaigns on fear and envy. They attempt to scare elderly Americans with the false statement that George W. Bush will "cut" their Medicare benefits. This is outright deceit.

Clinton-Gore has been making this claim for years, hoping to generate fear among the public. Fear is a tactic used by socialist regimes to enforce state control over individual freedoms. There should be no place for such schemes in America.

The Clinton-Gore machine also attempts to generate envy among Americans by pitting neighbor against neighbor. Would-be Clinton successor Al Gore makes constant reference to the "wealthy," but never defines what he means by that term. He wishes to have Americans believe that success earned by their neighbor is somehow unjust or undeserved. He wants Americans to look in their pockets and scream "Unfair" if they think that they have less then their neighbor.

He wants Americans to feel "left behind" or that everyone else is doing better than they are. He wishes that this envy will turn into greed, a greed that can only be quenched by the ever growing, intrusive, and confiscating taxation of a big government...

George C. Keough, Evans

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