Originally created 10/11/00

Water problems are statewide

A lot of attention has been placed on Atlanta's water quality problems. What people don't always realize, however, is that water problems persist statewide.

Currently 60 percent of Georgia's waterways are not safe for fishing or swimming, and recent data shows the International Paper facility in Augusta released more persistent toxic metals into the water than any other facility in the state, and the seventh highest amount nationally. Pollutants come from outside the city limits as well. Of course, toxics don't follow city borders.

The business community has put forth their recommendations for the governor on the important issue of solving Georgia's water quality crisis. Hundreds of groups around the state have also come together to endorse a proposal to make Georgia's waterways fishable and swimmable by 2008.

Any proposal the governor puts forth must be consistent with this goal to make our waters safe and healthy again.

Maggie Kelly, Public Interest Research Group, Atlanta


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