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In the season premiere of Judging Amy the family deals with the aftermath of the explosion that injured Vincent (Dan Futterman). The show airs at 10 p.m. on WRDW-TV (Channel 12).


Start waxing up your skis. Although it's only been two weeks since the end of summer, Colorado ski resorts have begun making snow, the Denver Post reports. "We are in full winter mode up here," a spokesman for one Rocky Mountain resort said earlier last week. The resorts predict that this snow job won't take very long and that the hills should be alive with skiers in about a week.


You've heard of road rage. Authorities are now seeing growing incidents of boat rage, reports Boating magazine. In Bloomington, Ind., a pontoon boat was rammed and damaged after it cut in front of a speedboat, causing the speedboater's wakeboarding son to take a spill. The speedboater was charged with malicious destruction of property. Florida Marina Patrol Lt. Lee Palfree says the best way to avoid sea battles is to "lay off the horn, don't yell back, avoid eye contact, and get out of the way as quickly and safely as you can."


But whether it's skiing or just driving on the expressway, if you've been drinking since adolescence, you might want to be extra careful. People who begin drinking as preteens are not only more likely to develop drinking problems as adults but are at higher risk of getting injured while under the influence, according to a Census Bureau report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Compared to those who begin drinking at the legal age of 21, those who begin drinking regularly before the age of 14 are three times more likely to develop alcohol dependence during their lifetimes and 12 times more likely to get injured.


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