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Spirit Creek school ignores attacks

School officials are causing conflict in students. I'm told that uniforms will cut the cost of clothing, yet I will have to buy uniforms and play clothes.

I'm told that uniforms will keep children from fighting, yet my daughter is attacked in the school's locker room by two of her classmates, because she is not wearing a uniform as told by the girls who have been harassing and threatening her for several days. ...

This is not the first time they have touched her. Despite my letter to the principal opting out, my daughter received pink slips daily alerting teachers and students that she was reprimanded for not dressing properly.

Despite my constant letters, calls and my attempt to talk with school Principal Ronnie Harrison at Spirit Creek on open-house day, I was told he did not have time to talk to me ... to make an appointment.

I called the next day, but my daughter had already been attacked. I was told not to come up there, that she was fine. However, when my daughter came home five hours later she had facial swelling and marks on her face. I took her to the emergency room where bruises were forming from taking fist punches in the face.

I visited the school, which just then took a report. The scariest thing about this is that the school sent the attackers back to class who sat next to my daughter where they continued to threaten her. The girls were suspended for one day ...

What a vacation. Now, a boy has threatened to shoot my daughter, and the principal went out of his way to discredit the allegations. I was told the boy could not have said anything ... The officer and Mr. Harrison found it amusing.

This is not the only discriminating attitude he has displayed. I have been told he values parents who allow their children to wear uniforms. I responded by saying that I value myself as a parent whether he values me or not ...

Raena Boiter, Hephzibah

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