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Next month, toss the rascals out

With the November elections just around the corner, here are a few thoughts I have:

Our nation began with the thunderous assertion in the Declaration of Independence that "men ... are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights." According to the founding premise of this nation, rights come from God, not from government.

The Declaration then declared that governments are formed solely "to secure" these rights. That's all. Secure God-given rights, not provide for wants, redistribute the wealth, or make dependent serfs out of people.

With the marvelous foundation laid in the Declaration, the men who formed this unique and wonderful nation then wrote a Constitution whose sole purpose was to govern the government, not the people.

America was to be a nation where the government was limited by law and the people were limited by freely accepted moral codes such as those found in the Ten Commandments. Nothing like America had ever existed in all history. And did this nation prosper.

Millions left the Old World to come here penniless - not to be cared for, but to enjoy freedom and opportunity. America became the hope of the world, even for those who were not fortunate enough to live within our borders.

If rights don't come from God, the presumption is that they are granted by government. The government fosters such a presumption. What must be understood is that a government that presumes to grant fundamental rights is a government that also presumes it can suspend them at will.

There will be no change without a rising tide of indignation. And there will be no rising tide of indignation until the frightening details about the ongoing subversion of this nation has been placed in the hands of a great many more Americans. Once informed, an American worthy of the name will work with others to throw the rascals out of office.

Richard Welch, Sandersville


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