Originally created 10/03/00

Why soak only the homeowners?

Why not water homeowners, builders and developers from the same bucket? The policy Columbia County now has in place soaks only the homeowners for storm water runoff that starts with developers and builders.

Why not charge 10 cents per 100 feet of impervious surface with a $2 per month minimum? This would be more equitable than the 2,300 sq. ft. property owner paying the same as the 3,800 sq. ft. property owner. Then charge the developer $500 per acre payable as the land is cleared, and charge the builder $500 per house or apartment unit, payable whenever the building permit is issued.

The most complaints I have heard are that builders and developers do not do a very good job of controlling erosion to begin with, and then contribute nothing to clean up the mess they started.

If a news reporter would look at some of the subdivisions and commercial developments now in progress, maybe he could enlighten our county commissioners and engineer, because they surely are not listening to homeowners now.

Ralph Montigny Jr., Grovetown

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