Originally created 10/03/00

Democrats are party of deceit

The party of deceit is out to misinform, distort, and spin its way to the White House again. Having been raised a Democrat, I am ashamed at what has happened to the party of my immigrant grandparents.

From the day my family left Ireland for a new life in this great country, they were the epitome of the working family that Al Gore likes to talk about. But I can assure you those new immigrants knew the meaning of "is," and where the "controlling authority" over all of us comes from.

I can also assure you that they would have a hard time stomaching what the working man's party has become.

I'm sure many will attribute it to the Clinton-Gore campaign of 1992. They perfected their deceit with the Chinese-financed and fraudulent election of 1996, and now should be awarded a master's degree in manipulation of the English language.

One only needs to review Mr. Gore's 10-point economic plan to see how they have perfected the art of deceit. Of the 10 items, fully half will occur or not occur without anything to do with Mr. Gore. But trust Mr. Gore, he will (like with the Internet) be able to claim credit ...

John E. Gallagher, Augusta

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