Originally created 10/02/00

Clinton-Gore team is a risky scheme

President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have used terms like "risky schemes" and other phrases to criticize Republican proposals to fix Social Security, tax cuts, etc. Let's look at their risky schemes.

Mr. Clinton has loosened the controls of our atomic energy resources and now every Asian country has it. This technology can be converted to build bombs. Mr. Clinton wanted to sell missile guidance technology to Communist China to launch commercial satellites.

However, this technology can be used to launch missiles with warheads at the U.S. and can be sold by China to other countries unfriendly to the U.S.

In order to complete the deal Mr. Clinton had to use his executive power, removing control from the state department. China now has all high speed computer technology, thanks to him.

Members of the United Nations in their meeting in New York recently voiced concerns over the U.S. making this technology easily accessible to these unstable nations.

We recently learned that China is suspected of obtaining information and files from the Los Alamos lab where top secrets are kept on the nuclear bomb testing. Wen Ho Lee was indicted on 59 violations by Attorney General Janet Reno. Today Mr. Lee is a free man, thanks to Mr. Clinton.

Ms. Reno said the charges were justified because Mr. Lee refused to tell the government what he did with the files he down-loaded. Mr. Lee said he destroyed them. I believe he was a conduit to China, acting through Mr. Clinton. This deal blends in with the Clinton-Gore risky schemes.

Russia and China recently threatened the U.S. to continue their nuclear bomb testing if the U.S. installed an anti-missile defense system. Mr. Clinton recently announced we did not have a defense system that would work, and were going to leave the decision up to the next president.

Mr. Clinton is insisting on a free-trade agreement with China. I fear passage of the free-trade pact will reduce the U.S. to a second-rate power, especially if Mr. Gore is elected president.

John R. Pardue, Augusta


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