Originally created 10/02/00

What's next? Dirty air utility?

After examining Columbia County's new stormwater utility, I conclude the county engineers will convince our commissioners that we need a "dirty air utility."

Using their logic, this is how I see it working: The county would conduct tests to determine the direction of the wind and how the air quality is different in certain areas of the county. Then they would need to purchase and maintain filtering devices to clean the air.

Everyone in those areas would be charged a fee for this service, and a deduction would be given for the amount of impervious space that your home occupies. I don't have any problems with the fact that in certain parts of this county projects need to be completed to handle stormwater. The problem is how it's done and funded.

I do not believe a separate utility needs to be established to handle the problem. It seems to me that it should be handled in the same fashion as other important projects in the county...

Martin Balkema, Martinez

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